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There are many practicle reasons why people look into flexible methods of education today. Mostly many people find it difficult to strike a balance, between, their respective jobs, and family life. With the global economy in a mess, times are extremly hard and more than ever before, saving money has become an immediate priority of entirely everyone.

For many others,the flexibility of available class schedules and subsquent attendance offers nothing but a whole lot unnecessary inconviniences. With LIUTEBM, all students will have the freedom to attend classes at their convinient time and place, thus suiting their own day time schedules. LIUTEBM will ensure that accessibility to study materials is always up to the notch 24 hours a day.

Students will enjoy world class learning facilities. LIUTEBM will also provide all registered students in campus with free transportation, with the aim of providing students with a one-in-all innovative money saving incentive or strategy. At LIUTEBM, the time a student takes to achieve his or her qualification will only be limited by their respective ability to fufil their programme credit requirements as stipulated by the university. This time period can take as long as is necessary or short as a few months. LIUTEBM will undoubtedly provide you with a strong and broad foundation in understanding the many aspects of the tourism industry and an appreciation of its place in global and local ecomnomies. Students will also be provided with a comprehensive insight of the problems and other short comings associated with academic and practical study associated with tourism.

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Plot no.5232 Makishi road, P.O Box 38490, Lusaka, Zambia