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Our aim at Cavendish is to offer the student quality and value for money education. This is achieved by ensuring that study programmes are delivered exceptionally by qualified and experienced lecturers. Courses are systematically monitored and updated to incorporate new developments and theories. This is targeted at having a successful graduate, who will be at a competitive position of applying for work, already possessing appropriate abilities, with solid understanding of the subject areas. Our mission of enhancing the human and ecological livelihoods for sustainable development means your future is our top priority. Our primary goal is to make sure that you leave as a more confident, skilled and knowledgeable person ready to take your steps in an exciting and rewarding career. A Bonafide Private University. Cavendish University Zambia was registered in Zambia under the Education Act, CAP136, of the Laws of Zambia for the purpose of providing ‘University Education’

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Provident house,, Cairo Rd Lusaka 10101
Tel: +260211230106

University of Lusaka is a private university founded in 2007 in Lusaka, Zambia. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities

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Plot No 37413, Off Alick Nkata Road, Mass Media, Lusaka
Tel: +260211233407

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Kalulushi, Zambia P.O. BOX 260410
Tel: +260212730209, +260212731321
Fax: 260-212-730841

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Stand 35179, Diamond Park Alick Nkhata Road P.O. Box 34160 Lusaka 10101
Tel: +260211255006

University Vision
Our vision is to provide quality education that is responsive to changing needs and values of the learner and society.

University Mission
Irrespective of gender, status, religion, political affiliation, ethnic origins, the university shall;

Train students to become highly qualified teachers

Offer conducive teaching and learning environment

Promote research that focuses on improving education standards

Equip teachers with knowledge

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P.O. Box 80404, KABWE
Tel: +260215223223

Exellence in instruction and provision of undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Science and Practical subjects to enhance the quality of education in the nation.

Excellence in instruction, provision of appropriate basic and applied research as well as cultural activities that enhance the quality of life in the nation.

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P.O. Box 20382, Itimpi, off Chingola Road, Kitwe
Tel: +260955239003


Chalimbana University’s vision is to provide accessible and quality education to both pre-service and in-service students.

Mission Statement

The mission is “to enable and provide quality Education and Training to different personnel so that they impact better in their roles and cope with new trends and demands in our society”.


To provide quality professional and academic qualifications through short and long term programmes.

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Tel: +260977700161

The mission of Justo Mwale Theological University College is to provide quality, contextual and holistic theological education from a Biblical, Reformed and Presbyterian perspective for Christian men and women, to enable them to carry out God's redemptive mission in the Church, society and academy in Africa and beyond in order to realise His kingdom.

Our vision is to be a leading private institution for tertiary education in Sub-Saharan Africa characterised by quality academic programmes and organisational excellence, which concretely addresses the needs of the Church, Society and Academ.

Our motto Nditumikira Kristu (I serve Christ) characterises our ministry. The ministerial training offered at JMTUC is holistic, covering the academic, vocational and spiritual sides of congregational ministry.

In our service to the Church, Society and Academy we uphold specific core values; as a Christian Institution we shall seek to be governed by, to uphold and to propagate:

Responsible Stewardship

Innovation and creativity


Credibility and integrity


Academic Excellence

Gender equity and equality

Servant Leadership


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Munali Road, Plot 19B, Chamba Valley, PO Box 310199, LUSAKA 15301, ZAMBIA
Tel: +260211294252

There are many practicle reasons why people look into flexible methods of education today. Mostly many people find it difficult to strike a balance, between, their respective jobs, and family life. With the global economy in a mess, times are extremly hard and more than ever before, saving money has become an immediate priority of entirely everyone.

For many others,the flexibility of available class schedules and subsquent attendance offers nothing but a whole lot unnecessary inconviniences. With LIUTEBM, all students will have the freedom to attend classes at their convinient time and place, thus suiting their own day time schedules. LIUTEBM will ensure that accessibility to study materials is always up to the notch 24 hours a day.

Students will enjoy world class learning facilities. LIUTEBM will also provide all registered students in campus with free transportation, with the aim of providing students with a one-in-all innovative money saving incentive or strategy. At LIUTEBM, the time a student takes to achieve his or her qualification will only be limited by their respective ability to fufil their programme credit requirements as stipulated by the university. This time period can take as long as is necessary or short as a few months. LIUTEBM will undoubtedly provide you with a strong and broad foundation in understanding the many aspects of the tourism industry and an appreciation of its place in global and local ecomnomies. Students will also be provided with a comprehensive insight of the problems and other short comings associated with academic and practical study associated with tourism.

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Plot no.5232 Makishi road, P.O Box 38490, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260211237897

St. Bonaventure College traces its roots to an earlier collaborative venture between the three families of the Order of Friars Minor in the historic town of Livingstone in Zambia, just a short distance from the world famous Victoria Falls, or to give the Falls their local name, Mosi O Tunya. It was in 1978 that the Zambian Capuchin Chapter discussed the possibility of co-operation with other religious institutes in Zambia to establish joint facilities for post-novitiate formation. Nothing came of this immediately, but in 1981 the then South East African Capuchin Association (SEACA) explored the idea of establishing a house for philosophical studies in Zambia, with English as a common language. This idea was adopted by SEACA the following year. In the same year, 1982, the two Conventual Custodies in Zambia expressed an interest in participating in this venture. Further meeting in 1983 resulted in a substantial degree agreement concerning the aims and programme of such a venture.

In 1986 the Friars Minor in Zimbabwe and of the then Vicariate of St. Francis in Africa inquired about their possible participation, and all welcomed this. It is out of such meetings that the Franciscan House of Studies opened in Livingstone Zambia in May 1984 with five students. It is, therefore, from this small beginning that the present St. Bonaventure College—Franciscan formation Centre takes its origin.

As the number of staff and students continued to grow it soon became apparent that the premises in Livingstone would need to be expanded or a new Institute founded. After a series of meetings between the representatives of the three families of Friars Minor with the consent of the Zambia Episcopal Conference St. Bonaventure College—Franciscan Formation Centre was founded in Lusaka. On 20th January 1988 the Ministers of the three Franciscan families in Southern African signed a formal agreement to found St. Bonaventure College.

Construction began in November 1988 and the cornerstone of the College was blessed by H.E Jozef Cardinal Tomko, Prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization of the People, on May 5th 1990, in the presence of all bishops of the Zambia Episcopal Conference, numerous friars and local people. the first students moved from Livingstone to Lusaka in August 1991 and classes commenced in October the same year.

Thus, SBC came to life on 27th June 1992 the three Minister Generals of the Order of Friars Minor officially blessed the College. Hence, The College has the approval of the three Minister Generals of the first Order of the Friars Minor. It is also has the approval of the Ministry of Education of the Zambian Government.

Over the years, up to twelve jurisdictions of Friars Minor in English, French and Portuguese speaking Africa have involved themselves in this project. It is worthwhile mentioning that other religious congregations have shown an interest of joining the College. The Major Superiors, in different annual meetings of the Board of Governors, unanimously decided to open the doors of the College to non-Franciscan Congregations. A good number of students from Marianhill Missionaries (CMM), Divine Word Missionaries (SVD), Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) and Passionist Fathers (CP) and one Salesian of Don Bosco (SDB) study at the College.

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St.Bonaventure University College, Cikupi Rd. (Hillview Rd.), Makeni, Zambia
Tel: +260211273240