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plot 5309, dedan kimathi rd, lusaka, zambia
Tel: +260211232093

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Franciscan Center, Chifubu Road, Ndola Ndola
Tel: +260212680396

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lundazi, zambia
Tel: +260979366766

We're the world's most forward-thinking professional accountancy body.
We believe that accountancy is vital for economies to grow and prosper, which is why we work all over the world to build the profession and make society fairer and more transparent.

We have more than 188,000 fully qualified members and 480,000 students worldwide. They're among the world’s best-qualified and most highly sought-after accountants - and they work in every sector you can imagine.

Organisations know and trust our designation. We're out there every day, connecting with businesses large and small, governments, educational establishments and opinion formers. We're on top of emerging trends, legislation and legal requirements, helping to shape them.

Because of all this, we’re able to create the innovative, strategic-thinking accountants our fast-changing world needs.

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ACCA Zambia Plot 5447 Kariba Road Kalundu Lusaka Lusaka
Tel: +260211376825

Our aim at Cavendish is to offer the student quality and value for money education. This is achieved by ensuring that study programmes are delivered exceptionally by qualified and experienced lecturers. Courses are systematically monitored and updated to incorporate new developments and theories. This is targeted at having a successful graduate, who will be at a competitive position of applying for work, already possessing appropriate abilities, with solid understanding of the subject areas. Our mission of enhancing the human and ecological livelihoods for sustainable development means your future is our top priority. Our primary goal is to make sure that you leave as a more confident, skilled and knowledgeable person ready to take your steps in an exciting and rewarding career. A Bonafide Private University. Cavendish University Zambia was registered in Zambia under the Education Act, CAP136, of the Laws of Zambia for the purpose of providing ‘University Education’

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International Link Office, vice-Chancellor’s Unit P.O Box 32379

Northrise University was founded in January 2004. The vision was conceived in 1988 through the experiences of its founders Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba. Born in Zambia, both suffered from the lack of educational opportunities. In faith the Zimbas left Zambia to attend a Bible college in Australia. Upon completion, God called them to Southern California where Dr. Zimba received his Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary and Mrs. Zimba received her MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

While on this educational journey, God strengthened their vision of starting a school in Zambia. Over time, He nourished their desire to impact the living conditions of Zambians through higher education. Thus the concept of Northrise University, an institution that empowers Zambians by providing an education that nourishes and develops the spiritual and economic capacity of the Zambian people, was initiated.

Their passion for the Northrise vision, their faith, and above all God’s guidance, brought other people to the vision, and support groups were founded in Australia, the United States, and in Zambia. Many people brought intellectual and financial resources, prayer and commitment to the project, and in January 2004 the vision of Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba was realized.

Northrise University is the first nationally recognized private university in Zambia and today it is a fully functioning university, empowering its students daily with the skills to succeed in the workplace while living Christ-centered lives.

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Kitwe Dual-Carriageway Ndola

Registered under the Zambian Ministry of Education Act of 1999, Victoria Falls University of Technology (VFU), the country’s first private science university was opened in livingstone, Zambia in January 2010

The university was founded to fill the growing need for science and technology skills in the country and to help strengthen the national economy. The development’s of VFU coincides with the government’s focus on science , technology and innovation as the driving forces in national development.

Victoria Falls University has three campuses which include, the Nakatindi road campus, the Kazungula Campus and the Livingstone Campus

The main campus is the Nakatindi Road Campus which is three kilometers from the center of Livingstone City and was formally part of the Coillard Primary School built in the early nineteen fifties and was named after a famous Scottish explorer who visited this part of Africa in the nineteenth century, Part of the school still exists but was renamed Mulwani Basic School after independence. The trade School was renamed Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering until 1995 when the said institute moved to a site adjacent to its old campus. The campus was then rented by the Victoria Falls University of Technology and was renamed the Nakatindi Road Campus.


To be one of the top Universities of Science and Technology devoted to the advancement of technological entrepreneurship in Africa.


To prepare men and women into leadership roles and motivate them into wealth creation enabled by Science and Technology.

It is strategically located at the gateway to neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa economic hub, South Africa.VFU is in Livingstone the home of Victoria Falls and tourist capital of Zambia.

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Nakatindi Road Plot No. 2621, Livingstone
Tel: +260260975254273

The University of Africa (UA) is a Private Open Distance-Learning Tertiary Institution with a rapidly growing student base and an expanding portfolio of study programmes and degrees being offered. Currently these programmes include Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration; Commerce; Economics; Health Service Administration; Human Resource Management; Law; Logistics and Transport; Marketing; Public Administration; Tourism and many more.A process is currently underway to make all our courses available online as part of our e-learning initiative.

The vision of the University of Africa (UA) is to become the leading provider of quality distance education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We currently have more than 2000 students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and we are looking forward to welcoming students from Nigeria and Kenya soon. Contact your nearest campus here.

As a pan-African university, our passion is to respond to the actual and realistic needs of students who want to empower themselves, and through empowering themselves, contribute to wealth creation – for themselves, their families, communities and countries. We want to achieve this through

Flexible Administration

Academic Integrity

Service Excellence

The innovative use of social and technical media.

We are proud to have joined forces with the Central African Correspondence College (CACC), the oldest private distance learning institution in Zambia (established in 1965). This makes the University of Africa Zambia, based in Lusaka and accredited by the Zambian Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (certificate number UA/LSKR/39/26), our biggest operation currently.

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Tel: +260966343746

Established in 2004, through company incorporation, the institution’s primary objective is to foster quality and solid higher education to Zambians. It’s founded on the premise of “Copper-stone” principle – a stone that lays a solid foundation to the major mineral contributing to economic development of the country. In the same vein, Copperstone University aims at providing solid and high quality education to its clients.

In July, 2011, Copperstone University attained its charter. The institution becomes one of the few Universities in Zambia to be conferred this unique status by Government. As a chartered University it entails that the institution has attained maturity to govern itself, therefore both government and the public have full confidence in it.

Located in the City of Kitwe, the third largest town in Zambia, and the centre of Copperbelt, Zambia’s copper mining region, with complex of mines on its north-west and western edges, CU has three campuses just right in the heart of the city of Kitwe; the main campus is located on Plot number 8122, Copper House, along Central Street in Nkana West, where the Head Office is, the second campus is on Plot number 196, along Mpezeni Road, in Parklands area and the third campus is on plot no. 22 Chandamali Road opposite Kitwe Basic School. These locations make our three campuses easy to access when you are in Kitwe. CU also operates a branch in Kasama, Northern Province; locate at Gateway campus at Sichivula Building, in an effort to expand its operations.

The university is one of the leading private institutions of higher learning and its programmes today attract well over 1000 applicants each year. The university has a total population of well over 1,500 students and staff establishment of 75 of whom 60 are academic staff.

The university has six (7) Faculties, namely Business and Management Studies, Social Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology and Computing, Occupational Safety Health and Environment, Education and Post Graduate Studies. It is a multidisciplinary institution offering courses from certificate, Diploma, Degrees and to Master levels.

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Plot 8122 Central Street, Nkana West, P.O. Box 22041, KITWE
Tel: +260212230289

Rusangu University traces its historical roots in the Missionary endeavours of an American Missionary named William Harry Anderson who until 1903 was the Principal of Solusi Mission. He crossed over in the company of several African Adventist workers namely: Jacob Detcha, Philip Malomo, Jack Mahlatini Mpofu and Andrew Nyakana and established Rusangu Mission in 1905.

It initially opened in 1975 as Rusangu Ministerial School. It was the sole institution in the country that provided Ministerial training to most of the pastors serving the Zambian Adventist territory. It later had its name changed to Zambia Adventist Seminary to broaden the scope for the theological training that was being offered. In December 1993, a decision was made to re-locate it to Musofu in Chief Chitina’s area in Mkushi. However in 1994, the institution was closed so as to have adequate time to plan for its re-organization and upgrading.

In 1997, the institution’s name was again changed to Zambia Adventist College due to its extended intended mission of incorporating other academic and professional disciplines in addition to theology. In the year 2000, the college re-opened and began to run In-Service Theological Programmes at Riverside Farm Institute in Kafue in collaboration with Solusi University. This programme caters for the local pastors in meeting the requirements of the under-graduate Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Theological and Religious Studies. A historical land-mark was made in our country when the doors of the Rusangu University were finally opened to our Theology students in May 2003.

The need for a Seventh-day Adventist Institution of Higher Learning in Zambia is long overdue and indeed unquestionable. The move to establish an Adventist University in our country is irreversible. With such a large church membership of over one million Plus (1, 000, 000 plus) and of which about 70-80% is youth, the need has even become greater today than ever before. Needless to mention that, there are many of our Adventist youths and other youths in both public and private institutions who have had and continue to have no place to turn to for a balanced preparation for life.

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Tel: +260213255471